Age: 44
Experience: 27 years in the shipping industry
Specialization: Tankers-Chemical tankers
Foreign languages: Greek (native), English (expert),         Spanish (moderate)
Publications: ISM Code Implementation (2002)
Teaching experience: Aided to promote more than 16 seafarers
IT abilities: Microsoft office specialist (master),                         Train the Trainer (license to teach)
Management: Responsible on supervising deck department, engine department, galley department.

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About Me

Grigorakos Stathakis Dimitrios holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Shipping Ports and Environment focusing in maritime safety and the implementation of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code both on board and on shipping companies.
He then went on an obtained a Master’s level Microsoft Diploma on all Microsoft office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook).

Crew Manager diploma by Lloyds in 2022.

Proud member of PEPEN and HELMEPA since 2001.


As a second officer employed mostly in North Atlantic with Suez-max Tankers time-charted by Ultramar (Norway-Canada) in ice weather conditions. As a Chief officer employed on Chemical tankers performing short voyages (frequent loading/discharging operations) focusing in Chemicals and Products. Having
already positive evaluations as a Chief Officer, the shipping company agreed to be promoted to Captain Class A’ at the age of 31 back in 2011. Ever since I have been employed in product/ medium-ranged/aframax and VLCC tankers.

  • Improve my time management.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivate resilience.
  • Listen actively.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Always Learn new things.
  • Improve my public speaking skills.
  • Advanced training on chemical tankers
  • Search and Rescue on-scene coordinator
  • Marine incident investigator and root cause analysis
  • Risk management and incident investigator
  • Manned Model Ship handling
  • Media response training
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001
  • Internal auditor on Integrated management systems
  • Magnetic and gyro compass error adjustment
  • Crew Manager Certification by Lloyds
  • Inspection and condition estimation of mooring ropes/wires
  • Framo cargo pumping system

Strongest skills

Communication / Multitasking 88%
Organization 92%
Management / Leadership 95%
Motivation 98%